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Arianas Court in Mount Laurel, NJ

If you’re interested in a home or property that is on a quiet street just off of a main road, with plenty of space for you and your family, Arianas Court in Mount Laurel, NJ, might be the perfect spot for you. Arianas Court is a short street with a cul-de-sac and a small number […]

Amberfield Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ

If you’re looking to live in a smaller and peaceful neighborhood, Amberfield Drive in Mount Laurel might just be the perfect street for you. It’s a short, winding street just off of Church Road, with lovely homes that are the perfect size for a family. The properties on Amberfield Drive are larger single family homes […]

Adelaide Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ

For single people, renters, retirees and smaller families, sometimes a smaller-sized townhome or condo in an ideal neighborhood is just fine…and much more affordable. If you’re looking for such a place, Adelaide Drive in Mount Laurel NJ is for you! The properties on Adelaide Drive consists mostly of apartments, townhomes and condominiums, with a lower […]

Adner Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ

With home being your place to recharge and relax, it’s an advantage to live in a home away from the busier streets of a neighborhood. Despite offering all of the best conveniences of being close to shopping, restaurants and golf in the area, Adner Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ features nicely comfortable homes, on a […]

Abington Road in Mount Laurel, NJ

Have you ever gotten excited just looking at a neighborhood you could be moving to? Abington Road in Mount Laurel is that kind of neighborhood! Abington Road is located off of Church Road, which is something of a main road in the area, and it features some of the larger and more elegant and beautiful […]

Aberdeen Drive in Mount Laurel NJ

If you’re looking for a comfortable condo with all of the benefits of a great location without the busy streets, Aberdeen Drive in Mount Laurel is ideal for you. The condos on Aberdeen Drive are part of the Brittany Commons condominiums, with homes starting at approximately $125K. The neighborhood is a quieter area of Mount […]

Bretton Way in Mount Laurel, NJ

Are you looking for a home in a safe, comfortable and affordable neighborhood for your family to settle down in? Look no further: Bretton Way in Mount Laurel, NJ might just be the ideal spot for you. Bretton Way is a short road located in a suburban neighborhood in Mount Laurel. The real estate here […]

St. David’s Drive in Mount Laurel NJ

For some potential home buyers, being in a neighborhood near establishments and close to everything is preferable…maybe being close to a city or even in the city. Others prefer to be distant from the fast moving city and its congestion. On St. David’s Drive in Mount Laurel, NJ, you can experience the best of both […]

Willow Turn Neighborhood in Mount Laurel

The Willow Turn neighborhood in Mount Laurel is ideal for couples or young families starting out, or for single professionals moving to the area. Most of the homes here are medium-sized condos and townhomes that offer the convenience of living in one of the nicest neighborhoods in South Jersey without a hefty price tag. One […]