The Home Selling Process

Selling A Home GiulioWhen you’re in the market to sell your house, Giulio Leone is here to get you the best deal.

Leone will put together an RPR report for you, which includes an evaluation of properties similar to yours in the immediate area that have sold in the past three months. He’ll also show you samples of homes he himself has sold in your area…for over the asking price!

Giulio Leone will negotiate on your behalf to maximize your profit from selling your property. He works with you on a personal basis, and he is available for you 24/7…contact him anytime with any questions or concerns.

Leone understands that the key to real estate sales is making everything as easy as possible for buyers. He will personally list your house, conduct open houses, and meet with potential buyers. He’ll go over the details of the home with prospects. Leone will have representatives from our mortgage provider at each open house, and can get buyers approved right away to make an offer on the spot…without having to be attached to their own lender.

We will market your home using multiple social media networks…Facebook, Google, Instagram and more. We also make the most of HomeSnap, a tool that enables realtors to reach a much larger list of prospects via social media, and inform them of open houses to view your property. We also always ask visitors to our open houses how they heard of us…and we do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

At our open houses, we even bring a convection oven to the home to bake cookies…and give your house the best smell ever! That’s just a part of the personal touch we bring to selling each client’s property. We go above and beyond to find the right buyer, show you why we think they’re the best fit, and get your house sold.

Ready to sell your South Jersey home? Reach out to Giulio Leone today to get started!



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