Understanding Title Insurance

Having title insurance is a vital protection for home buyers. It protects you from any sort of claims made on your home once you’ve purchased it…be it from other potential claimants, leans placed on the property by banks from previous owners, or other unseen problems.

At HomeSmart, we work with National Title Insurance, a long established company that provides the best in personalized title insurance service. Lou Forrester, the owner of National Title Insurance, works with his clients directly, going over policies page by page, and ensuring that you understand the sometimes complex aspects of title insurance policies.

Your title insurance will ensure that should something come up during the transaction of transferring a title to you as you buy a home, you will be covered as the new owner of the home free and clear. It also protects you from future claims should something get missed in a home transaction.

Investing in title insurance protects the initial search of any sort of financial problems with the property. It may be the best investment you can make when buying a home. We’ve seen firsthand many cases where someone didn’t invest in title insurance…judgments from sellers owing thousands child support, uninsured driving violations, all sorts of things…and believe it or not, home buyers can be stuck with those charges or unable to sell the home.

To find out more about title insurance and its importance, reach out to us today with any questions or click here to find out more about National Title Insurance.

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