What’s Your Home Worth?

Have questions about your home and how much it’s worth? At HomeSmart, we can execute an educated walkthrough of your home, with seller’s disclosures that list elements of the condition of the property. We’ll compare your home with similar homes of similar sizes that have recently been sold in the area, and offer you an evaluation of your home’s worth based on all of the factors.

Your realtor, Giulio Leone, will go over the various things that will need to be checked or improved, including what it will be worth in home value when you spend time and money on repairs. Things like chipped paint, for example, are fairly easy to fix and should be.

We can connect you with contractors for most any kind of repair…painters, handymen, cement workers, landscaping, whatever you need. Giulio can provide you with a list of three or more contractors he’s worked with in the past, and you can choose the right one for you.

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